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Lights Out Sonoma

Lights Out Sonoma

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Fridays, 9-11 p.m.

Host Stephen Elkins says “Lights Out Sonoma  has an emphasis on finding those jazz tracks that deserve your attention.  Let’s face it, “There’s more than one good song on a CD”.  With a library of 4000 plus CD’s, my focus is on finding those jazz tracks that receive little, or no airplay from mainstream smooth jazz radio.  I don’t rely on a paid service to determine what songs I should be playing.  I single handedly take the time to find the music for each show; keep it fresh, and introduce the listener to new music from that artist.

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My discovery of jazz came late in life.  In my 30’s.  I still remember the day; the song, and where I was in time.  Kind of like remembering where you were when John F. Kennedy was shot.  It was an early Sunday morning in February.  Snow piled outside, and very cold.  I was enjoying a nice cup of coffee, and shooting pool at my brother’s home in Crawfordsville, Indiana.  His home became my weekend retreat after a long week of school/medicine at Indiana University.  Still a little groggy from my stressful week, I moved slowly around the pool table for my next shot.  A song playing in the background caught my attention immediately.  I turned to my brother and said, “that’s nice”.  The song:  Larry Carlton’s “Sleep Walk”.   How appropriate that I would discover jazz through a song/ title of which I was physically experiencing.  The rest is history.

My love of jazz crew quickly; exceeding the boundaries of mainstream smooth jazz airplay.  The door was wide open.  My journey began.  In developing my show, ” Lights Out Sonoma”, I wanted to emphasize more versatility in music styles.  I didn’t want to repeat what has already been done in the business of smooth jazz.  While I may at times highlight a smooth jazz artist, I will seldom cover tunes that are in mainstream smooth jazz rotation.   I will cover those tunes that I believe deserve attention, and that the listening audience will appreciate.  No smooth jazz, but what I like to phrase, “cruise jazz”.  Jazz that will take you places outside your immediate surroundings.  Jazz that can best be described as abstract, and bring about a different emotion/feeling to the listener.  Sit back; relax, and enjoy, ” Lights Out Sonoma” on Friday’s from 9-11PM.

I arrived in Sonoma County in 2007 by way of a travel nursing contract.  My recruiter didn’t have to twist my arm to take a contract in wine country.  Another passion I would soon discover.  I accepted a 13 week contract to work in the ICU at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. 1 ½ years later, after my initial contract, I was asked to join their staff, or continue on with my travels.  I decided to stay, and made my home in Santa Rosa.  Prior to my travel nursing, I lived in Orem, Utah. Here I would have my first exposure to commercial radio working for KBZN 97.9 “The Breeze”.

Within a year of my permanent residence in Sonoma County I decided that I wanted to learn all aspects of wine making.  By chance I happened to work with a colleague who owned a winery.  I worked the crush of 2009, and started my first vintage that year.  My freshman effort ended up receiving a silver medal in local wine competition.  I now have 4 vintages under my belt; and a couple of silver medals in local wine competitions.  My passion for wine led to the founding of my own winery, which has taken on the 3rd bay of my garage.  “Vintana Cellars”, was established in October of 2009.”